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Title: Judgement of the Court of First Instance in the Microsoft case – effects on innovation in new technology sectors

Date and place: 7 November 2007, Warsaw

Organizers: Centre of Antitrust and Regulatory Studies and C/M/S Cameron-McKenna (law firm)

Speakers: Dr. Dawid Miąsik, Małgorzata Surdek, Prof. Tadeusz Skoczny

Publication associated with: D. Miąsik, M. Surdek, T. Skoczny (eds), Microsoft - case study. Competition Law on the New Technology Markets, University of Warsaw Faculty of Management Press, Warsaw 2008.

The 1st workshop organised by the Centre of Antitrust and Regulatory Studies was prepared jointly with the law firm CMS Cameron McKenna on 7 November 2007 directly after the adoption on 17 September 2007 by the Court of First Instance in Luxembourg of its long awaited judgment in the Microsft v. Commission. The workshop was dedicated to problems arising from the judgement.

As the Microsoft case has stirred up a lot of controversy concerning the boundaries of public intervention by antitrust bodies into the freedom of dominant firms to use the fruits of their innovation, the aim of the workshop was not only to elaborate on the main arguments presented in the judgment but, most importantly, to attempt to initiate a wider debate on the future use of laws and regulations prohibiting the abuse of dominance, on the conflict between competition law and intellectual property law and on the implications of the verdict for firms in the information technology sector.

The workshop has generated a great response from the information technology sector as well as the Polish legal practitioners and members of consulting firms. As a result, its key materials, complemented by several additional papers concerning the subject matter of the Microsoft judgment, were edited by Dawid Miąsik, Tadeusz Skoczny and Małgorzata Surdek and published in 2008 as the third publication from CARSs ‘Studies and Monographs on Antitrust and Regulatory’ series.

This book, which also contains the text of the Microsoft judgment, is reviewed in YARS, vol. 2(2).

See more workshop materials in Polish on the relevant Polish site of CARS.