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Title: Antitrust law and copyright law – a point of crosscutting

Date and place: 6 March 2008, Warsaw

Organizers: Centre of Antitrust and Regulatory Studies and Markiewicz & Sroczyński sp.j. (law firm)

Speakers: Prof. Janusz Barta, Dr. Kamil Kiljański, Prof. Ryszard Markiewicz, Grzegorz Materna, Dr. Jarosław Sroczyński

The scientific workshop organized on 6 March 2008 by the Centre of Antitrust and Regulatory Studies in co-operation with a law firm Markiewicz & Sroczyński sp.j. was devoted to the legal issues surrounding the overlap between antitrust and copyright laws.

The discussed topics were closely connected with the enforcement practice of the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK), Polish courts and European Community institutions, in relation to the activities of societies for the collective management of copyright and neighbouring rights. The raised issues concerned, among other things, the latest European CISAC case as well as the Polish case ZAiKS/Brathankiwhich confirmed an infringement of the Competition and Consumer Protection Act by the collecting society (ZAIKS). Last but not least, several de lege ferenda comments were made regarding the development of Polish legislation in copyright and competition laws.

A detailed Antitrust law and copyright law – a point of crosscutting Report from the workshop is also available in YARS, vol. 2(2).

See more workshop materials in Polish on the relevant Polish site of CARS.