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CARS Centrum Studiów Antymonopolowych i Regulacyjnych Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego


Title: Regulation of telecommunications markets

Date and place: 23 April 2008, Warsaw

Organizers: Centre of Antitrust and Regulatory Studies

Speakers: Dr. Dariusz Adamski, Kamil Kosmala, Prof. Stanisław Piątek, Prof. Tadeusz Skoczny, Anna Streżyńska (President of the Office of Electronic Communications)

Participants of panel discussions: Eugeniusz Gaca, Dr. Jerzy Kubasik, Prof. Maciej Rogalski, Jerzy Sadowski, Anna Streżyńska (President of the Office of Electronic Communications), Piotr Woźny

Publication associated to the conference: S. Piątek (ed.), Regulation of telecommunications markets, University of Warsaw Faculty of Management Press, Warsaw 2007.

The conference held on 23 April 2008 created an opportunity to present the book ‘Regulation of telecommunications markets’, edited by Prof. S. Piątek, which was published in 2007 as the first title in the publishing series ‘Antitrust and Regulatory Studies and Monographs Studies’.

The scientific purpose of his conference was to analyze current problems concerning the regulation of the telecommunications sector in Poland in the light of the 2nd regulatory package of the European Commission for telecommunications. The programme of the conference consisted of two parts: the presentations of papers and a panel discussion. Papers presented in the first part of the conference focused on the assessments of the competitiveness of Polish telecommunications markets, duties imposed on companies with a significant market position and procedural problems associated with market regulation. The panel discussion focused on the assessment of the effects of regulation of telecommunications markets.

A detailed Report from the conference can be found in YARS, vol. 2(2).