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CARS Centrum Studiów Antymonopolowych i Regulacyjnych Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego


Title: Corporate Social Responsibility – real obligation of the company?

Date and place: 21 June 2010, Warsaw

Organizers: Centre of Antitrust and Regulatory Studies; Chair of Theory of Organization, Faculty of Management, University of Warsaw

Media patronage: Forum Odpowiedzialnego Biznesu

Speakers: Maciej Bernatt, Prof. Janina Filek, Dr. Ewa Jastrzębska, Prof. Krzysztof Klincewicz, Dr. Jacek Męcina, Dr. Tomasz Ochinowski, Grzegorz Piskalski, Dr. Wojciech Rogowski, Dr. Bolesław Rok, Dr. Marek Żemigała

Publication associated to a conference: under preparation.

The conference was organized on 21 June 2010 by the Centre of Antitrust and Regulatory Studies in co-operation with the Chair of Theory of Organization, Faculty of Management, University of Warsaw. The Conference was sponsored by the METRO Group in Poland and was supported by the Responsible Business Forum.

In the first part of the conference the introductory speech was delivered by the vice-Minister of Economic Affairs of Poland.

The conference focused on the idea presupposing the need for companies to consider those results of their economic activity that are linked to company’s functioning in a certain social and natural environment. The main goal of the conference was to discuss to what an extent it is correct to consider Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as the ‘good will’ of companies only or, by contrast, whether CSR can be considered as a real obligation of the companies that should be integrated into the main area of their business activity.

During the conference CSR was analysed firstly from the perspective of legal values. Discussed in the following panel dedicated to the external dimension of CSR were topics such as: moral obligation of companies, work relations and CSR, the supply chain responsibility, unfair commercial practices and CSR education. At the same time, the panel focusing on the internal dimension of CSR considered issues such as: the relation between employee and employer from the historical perspective, pathologies in the relation with the companies' stakeholders, ecological aspects of business activity, role of the managers in the implementation of CSR and the protection of whistleblowers.

See the text of the conference materials in Polish on the relevant Polish site of CARS.