CARS Centrum Studiów Antymonopolowych i Regulacyjnych Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego

National and International Cooperation

With every year CARS is widening its activity for new initiatives exceed of international character. Research projects and scientific conferences as well as CARS publications in English more and more often cover issues of competition and consumer protection as well as pro-competitive and pro-consumer sector-specific regulation within the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

In 2013 CARS took the initiative of establishing an academic network CRANE (Competition Law and Regulation. Academic Network. Europe) to which institutions and persons from countries of our region, including EU Member States countries aspiring to European Union were invited. CARS is specially going to help Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova in creation of scientific institutions, scholar societies and professional organisations dealing with competition and consumer protection to make them ready and prepared to support public authorities for protection of competition and consumers and for sector-specific regulation (GUM-P project).

CARS continues also to extend its cooperation with sector regulators, academic institutions, entrepreneurs and professional and sectorial self-government bodies.


The new academic network – CRANE (Competition and Regulation. Academic Networrk. Europe – Visegrad, Balkan, Baltic, East) has been initiated by CARS in the later part of 2013. Participation in CRANE is open to institutions and persons from Central and East Europe dealing with antitrust and pro-competitive regulation. A number of persons and institutions have already declared their intention to join CRANE. YARS 2014, vol. 7(9) is expected to be the first CRANE project.

CRANE Preliminary concept CRANE – Preliminary concept

CRANE List of primary identified academic institutions and person dealing with antitrust and regulation CRANE – List of institutions nad persons