CARS Centrum Studiów Antymonopolowych i Regulacyjnych Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego

Training and Consulting

In the area of competition protection and sector-specific regulation CARS conducts trainings and consulting projects for public institutions (governmental and others) and individual companies.

Training courses are profiled to the commissioners’ needs; they concern application practice of antitrust and/or regulatory law on a certain goods or services market.

Within its consulting activities CARS offers the preparation of expert opinions solving particular problems relating to antitrust or sector-specific regulation arising in practice of institutions and companies.

CARS offers companies subject to regulatory and/or antitrust supervision the preparation of a compliance programme.

Added 29.01.2014 • Full articleStudents Regulatory Workshop (2014)

Added 16.07.2013 • Full articleExpertise on the consequences of judgment C-512/10 European Commission vs. Poland for tariff-approval proceedings before the Polish Railway Regulator (2013)

Added 14.05.2013 • Full articleProviding responses to the questions contained in the EC Green Paper on Unfair Trading Practices in the Business-to-Business Food and Non-Food Supply Chain in Europe (2013)

Added 14.09.2012 • Full articleProviding comments on the application of the General Block Exemption Regulation ('GBER'). Classification – as state aid in the meaning of Article 107(1) TFEU – § 10(5) of a draft regulation of the Minister of Economy particularly regulating, among others, a scope of a duty to obtain and to present for extinguishing a certificate of origin from cogeneration (2010)

Added 30.06.2010 • Full articleCompetition law in an activity of a company in oil industry (2009)

Added 30.06.2010 • Full articleNon-price discrimination – legal analysis of the practice in Polish and EC competition law (2008)

Added 30.06.2010 • Full articleLimits of economic activity of telecommunications operator from a perspective of competition law and conusmers’ interests (2008))

Added 30.06.2010 • Full articleBlock exemption of categories of vertical agreements in the motor vehicle sector (2008)