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CARS Centrum Studiów Antymonopolowych i Regulacyjnych Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego


Title: Recent merger control developments in Europe and their implications for the future of antitrust

Place and date: Warszawa, 7 maj 2019 r.

Organizors: CARS WZ UW oraz Kancelaria prawna CMS

Guest speaker: Birthe Panhans, Deputy Head of the Merger Policy Unit w DG 4

Panelists: Patrycja Gołos, UPC; Aleksandra Boutin, Positive Competition; Małgorzata Urbańska, CMS; Bernadeta Kasztelan-Świetlik, Gessel; Mateusz Błachucki, UOKiK; Małgorzata Modzelewska de Raad, Modzelewska Paśnik

Moderators: Adam Jasser, CARS; Maciej Bernatt, CARS

CARS and law firm CMS organised a conference on latest developments in merger control on May 7, 2019. Representatives of DG Comp from Brussels, academics and practitioners discussed a range of hot topics such as public interest in merger control following the Siemens-Alstom case, the role of economic analysis in merger prohibitions and gun-jumping. The conference was attended by ca 80 participants.