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Title: Regulation of telecommunications markets

Editor: Stanisław Piątek

Authors: Dariusz Adamski, Andrzej Chrzanowski, Ewa Galewska, Marzena Janicka, Przemysław Kordasiewicz, Kamil Kosmala, Jerzy Kubasik, Krzysztof Kuik, Karolina Mojzesowicz, Stanisław Piątek, Maciej Rogalski, Bronisław Rzeszotarski, Ewelina D. Sage, Tadeusz Skoczny, Włodzimierz Szpringer, Marek Szydło

Series: Antitrust and Regulatory Studies and Monographs (1)

Publisher: University of Warsaw Faculty of Management Press

Place of publishing: Warsaw

Year of publishing: 2007

ISBN: 978-83-89069-85-6

Regulation of telecommunications marketsThe publication edited by Prof. Stanisław Piątek has been the first in the‘Antitrust and Regulatory Studies and Monographs’ series. As the individual chapters were prepared by a differentiated group of specialists in law and economics of sector-specific regulation in telecommunications, the book presents a multi-sided approach to the regulatory process of telecommunications markets.

The book constitutes a collection of individual articles divided into two parts. The first contains the analysis of particular groups of telecommunications markets – its articles present the distinction between wholesale and retail markets, their product peculiarity and technologic specificity. Among the analysed markets are: access markets to fix telephone networks (S. Piątek), markets of telephone services (M. Rogalski), markets of leased lines (E. Galewska), markets of mobile telephony (K. Kuik, P. Kordasiewicz) and the wholesale market of broadcasting transmission services (E.D. Sage).

The second part of the book contains the analysis of key regulatory problems in horizontal relations on all regulated market. The analyzed problems cover among others: regulatory procedures (K. Kosmala), evaluation of market competitiveness (T. Skoczny), design of regulatory remedies on wholesale (D. Adamski) and retail (B. Rzeszotarski) markets, methods of price regulation concerning telecommunications services (J. Kubasik).

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