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Title: Corporate Social Responsibility. Constitutional and International Perspective.

Author: Maciej Bernatt

Series: Antitrust and Regulatory Studies and Monographs (4)

Publisher: University of Warsaw Faculty of Management Press

Place of publishing: Warsaw

Year of publishing: 2009

ISBN: 978-83-61276-27-2

Corporate Social Responsibility. Constitutional and International Perspective.The fourth publication of the ‘Antitrust and Regulatory Studies and Monographs’ series – the result of the author's individual research project – has been the first Polish comprehensive presentation of the problems associated to social corporate responsibility (CSR) from a perspective of law, mainly in a constitutional and international dimension.

The normative perspective on the concept of CSR presented in this book can be of great significance both as a contribution to the academic discussion on CSR and as an incentive for companies to get involved in activities of social dimension. Its legal perspective makes it possible to separate the concept of CSR from its traditional position of a mere tool of entrepreneurs’ promotion. Special attention should be paid to the author’s comparison of entrepreneurs’ duties resulting from legal norms and from CSR rules.

The book consists of four chapters. The first is dedicated to the concept of CSR. The second chapter describes international instruments and legislation concerning CSR (regulations of the United Nations, OECD, ILO and the EU). The third chapter is devoted to the relations between the Constitution of Poland and CSR – the author puts a lot of emphasis on the status of constitutional norms as a source of legal and non-legal norms influencing the relations between private entities. The fourth chapter compares constitutional norms and CSR rules with reference to issues such as: equality and the prohibition of discrimination, labour rights, freedom of expression, the right to privacy, freedom of association, competition and consumer protection, environmental protection.

You can download the book in pdf file together with the English version of contents and preface here