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Title: Yearbook of Antitrust and Regulatory Studies

Year of publishing: 2012

Volume: 5(6)

Editor-in-chief: prof. Tadeusz Skoczny

Authors: Mariusz Baran, dr. Maciej Bernatt, dr. Anna Błachnio-Parzych, dr. Mateusz Błachucki, Adam Doniec, Monika A. Górska, Sonia Jóźwik, dr. Inga Kawka, dr. Krystyna Kowalik-Bańczyk, prof. Małgorzata Król-Bogomilska, Mateusz Radomyski, Przemysław Rosiak, dr. Rafał Stankiewicz, Aleksander Stawicki, Jan Szczodrowski, Bartosz Turno, Agata Zawłocka-Turno

Publisher: University of Warsaw Faculty of Management Press

ISSN: 1689-9024

Yearbook of Antitrust and Regulatory Studies The first special volume of YARS in 2012 – vol. 5(6) – accompanied a conference “Entrepreneur’s rights in antirust proceeding” that was held on 23 April 2012, organized by the Institute of Law Studies of Polish Academy of Sciences and CARS. The current volume contains twelve articles concerning a protection of entrepreneurs’ rights in antitrut proceedings before national competition bodies and before the European Commission. The volume was supported by the Foundation for Polish Science under the project Pomost/Powroty/2010-1/1/NQC. The guest volume editor is dr. Krystyna Kowalik-Bańczyk.

Two articles (by prof. Małgorzata Król-Bogomilska and by dr. Anna Błachnio-Parzych) focuse on criminal aspects of antitrust proceedings. Dr. Rafał Stankiewicz concentrates on an application of Polish Administrative Procedure Code in a proceeding before the UOKiK President. Aleksander Stawicki considers competences of common courts in antitrust cases in Poland. Deficiencies of Polish procedure within entrepreneurs’ access to information on the proceeding are pointed by dr. Maciej Bernatt.

Other authors focus maliny on entrepreneurs’ rights in the context of enforcement of EU common competition rules. Przemysław Rosiak analyzes an application of ne bis in idem rule. Dr. Mateusz Błachucki and Sonia Jóźwik proposes a look upon entrepreneurs’ rights from a perspective of a co-operation between competition authorities. Entrepreneurs’ rights in proceedings resulting in commitment decisions are a key problem in the article by dr. Inga Kawka. Bartosz Turno and Agata Zawłocka-Turno raise problems of legal professional privilege and privilege against self-incrimination after the Lisbon Treaty. Enrepreneurs’ rights in the context of procedural autonomy of Member States are considered by dr. Krytyna Kowalik-Bańczyk. Judicial review of Commission’s decisions imposing fines is a key issue in the article by Mariusz Baran and Adam Doniec. Jan Szczodrowski writes on a standard of judicial control of concentration decision regarding oligopolitic markets.

The volume contains two case comment: on a judgment of the Court of Competition and Consumer Protection and on a decision of the UOKiK President on Empik/Merlin concentration. A book “Procedural fairness in the proceedings before the competition authority”.

Yearbook of Antitrust and Regulatory Studies 2012, 5(6) – full text from 1 July 2012 at