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CARS Award 2013

Professor Dawid Miąsik of the Institute of Law Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences (INP PAN) has received the 2013 Award for exceptional achievements in the field of competition protection law or economy awarded by the Centre for Antitrust and Regulatory Studies, University of Warsaw, Faculty of Management (UW WZ). The awarded book was “The Interface between Competition Law and Intellectual Property Laws” (Walters, Warsaw 2012). Once again, the Award was sponsored by PKO Polish Bank.

The nominees for the 2013 Award included: Dr Maciej Bernatt (WZ UW), Dr Zbigniew Jurczyk (WSB and the Director of the Wroclaw Branch of the Office for Competition and Consumer Protection), Professor Konrad Kohutek (Andrzej Frycza Modrzewski Krakow University) and Dr Krystyna Kowalik-Bańczyk (Institute of Law Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences and Gdansk Polytechnic).

The Award ceremony took place on the 6th June 2013 in the Senate Council, Chamber of the University of Warsaw. The ceremony included a Lecture by Professor Andrzej Wróbel Judge of the Polish Constitutional Court on ‘EU freedoms and fundamental rights after the Lisbon Treaty’.

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