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CARS Award has been granted since 2012. From 2012 until 2014 CARS Award had been granted as an antitrust award, and from 2015 it has been granted every year as an antitrust or regulatory award alternately. “Award Rules”, “List of monographs” and “List of voting authors” are always published on CARS website.

Between 2012-2017 CARS Awards were sponsored by the PKO Bank Polski (Polish Bank PKO).Bank PKO BP

Since 2016 Honorary CARS Award can be also granted.

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Added 31.07.2019 • Full articleCARS Scientific Award 2019 – the Big Eagl – for Prof. Marzena Czarnecka

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Added 17.03.2017 • Full articleCARS Award 2016 (Antitrust Award) for Prof. Cezary Banasiński

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