CARS Centrum Studiów Antymonopolowych i Regulacyjnych Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego

Open PhD Seminar

CARS Open PhD Seminars follow the formula of an open scientific meeting. They act as a discussion platform concerning the ideas, hypothesis or selected parts of particular PhD dissertations.

Seminar participation is open to students attending full- and part-time PhD courses under the supervision of Ordinary or Associated Members of CARS. Participation is also available to ‘free lancers’ who do not partake in a formal PhD course but are nevertheless determined to conduct their own research. Both academics as well as practitioners join the Seminars to participate in the following discussions.

Detailed rules concerning the Seminar’s activities can be found in a document entitled open scientific meeting ‘Framework conditions for the conduct of Open PhD Seminars and the participation therein’ (in Polish). On this basis, Seminar involvement is conditional solely upon the submission to its secretary of a Ordinary or Associated Members of CARS ‘Declaration of the participation in the CARS Open PhD Seminar’ (in Polish).

Added 08.10.2013 • Full article16. Competition and financial stability in the banking industry. The interplay between the sector regulation and the competition policy (2013)

Added 03.10.2012 • Full article15. Leniency as an instrument for combating anticompetitive agreements in Polish system of competition protection (2012)

Added 22.08.2012 • Full article14. Judicial review of decisions of the President of Office of Electronic Communications (2012)

Added 28.11.2011 • Full article13. Exchange of information between competitors from the point of view of the regulators(between procompetitive cooperation and anticompetitive coordination) (2011)

Added 23.10.2011 • Full article12. Evaluation of competitivness of the telecommunications markets for the regulatory purposes (2011)

Added 25.04.2011 • Full article11. Patent pools and competition law (2011)

Added 02.04.2011 • Full article10. Procedural fairness in proceedings before the competition authority – identified problems (2011)

Added 01.12.2010 • Full article  9. Co-operation agreements in insurance sector - a need for continuing a group exemption (2010)

Added 01.12.2010 • Full article  8. Conditional merger approval in legislation and decision-making in Poland (2010)

Added 01.12.2010 • Full article  7. EU regulation of financing services of general economic interest and objective concept of state aid. Coherence or dissonance? (2010))

Added 01.12.2010 • Full article  6. Exchange of information between competitors (2010)

Added 01.12.2010 • Full article  5. Procedural fairness in antitrust proceedings (2009)

Added 01.12.2010 • Full article  4. Duty to license in antitrust law (2008)

Added 01.12.2010 • Full article  3. Directions of reforms in application of a prohibition of abuse of a dominant position (2008)

Added 01.12.2010 • Full article  2. Types of decisions adopted by national competition authorities in antitrust cases (2008)

Added 01.12.2010 • Full article  1. Sanctions for infringments of prohibitions of anticompetitive practices (2007)