CARS Centrum Studiów Antymonopolowych i Regulacyjnych Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego

Studies and trainings

The participation of CARS in education consists in patronizing of the postgraduate studies, providing the Open PhD Seminars (OSD) and running trainings, including trainings within the framework of the “School of Economics for Lawyers”.

Within the framework of the "Postgraduate Management Studies" of the Faculty of Management, University of Warsaw, CARS is making attempts to organize the ARIS postgraduate studies for people from public institutions and companies, covering law and economics of the protection of competition and/or law and economics of the regulation.

Open PhD Seminars consists of open scientific meetings, during which discussions on assumptions, PhD theses or parts of PhD theses prepared at Faculty of Management of University of Warsaw or at other universities take place.

Carried within the framework of "School of Economics for Lawyers" trainings organized by CARS are taking into account the practice of application of antitrust and/or regulatory provisions concerning different relevant product or service markets. CARS also offers to companies subjected to antitrust and/or regulatory supervision compliance programmes.

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